You are not alone. Zaza is here!



I got a mail!
A real mail with the loveliest Christmas cards.
A yellow cat Zaza with bright red heart and the message “You are not alone!”.




It’s from Dina. A Latvian artist, whom I have met many years ago.
Dina Smeltere it’s her full name.
Her story goes like this:
“Time ago, I  was looking for character for a childrens book. I created Zaza who is yellow, a bit mellow and wants to change something in her life by travelling and meeting world outside. It turn out very popular, but publisher in Latvia told me that they can’t make such investment in a piece of art.
I was shocked, but hope that one day Zaza will fly over the roofs of Riga, and wave with her paw! Dina”
Cat Zaza is here to bring more love to the world. 

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Aren’t they brilliant? These lovely stories of cat Zaza?
Dina Smeltere is working on making Zaza story published, and if you have some ideas and suggestions, please send a message or leave a commend.
Lots of love from cat Zaza, Dina & Gita!

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