You are as beautiful you allow yourself to be.

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You’re more likely to walk into an interview & meeting & presentation or a party with your head held high – when you feel happy about the way you are.

It is all what you think that you project out from your eyes, your cells and your juju–they talk way before you walk into a room. Go you!
In the end – it’s all about mindset.
Isn’t it amazing?
For me beauty always has been important. From very young age I was trying every remedy possible.
I grew up in very simple, actually rather primitive circumstances in the country side under the Soviet regime.
There wasn’t much glamour – on contrary I spent my childhood /youth cleaning shit in pig farms, helping cows in delivery and working on fields.
My mom never used make up and all I heard is was that beauty didn’t matter.
It matters – I believe that beauty is so unappreciated and needed in the world.
My mom didn’t believe she was beautiful and powerful and thus spent her life working hard and being deeply unhappy.
Feeling beautiful is essential for us women: when we feel beautiful we do good.
We are better moms, wives, lovers, friends and we make shit happen.
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When we feel beautiful we change the world.
Most of my life I was focussing on outer things: trying to become more beautiful by trying any remedy and make up, I learned that beauty is what your think / believe / feel about yourself.
I’m f*cking 44 and never felt (and never was) more beautiful than now.
I’m better to deal with challenges and great mother to my 3 children.
I’m more brave, tolerant and loving.
I make everybody around me feel beautiful.

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