Want to recharge your fabulousness?

Stressed? Knackered? Need an instant lift to your soul & body?
Come to Latvia and bliss out and rejuvenate.
I promise you will go back all new, relaxed and fabulous. I did.

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Latvia is my home country, situated in the North of Europe, on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

Serenity is the name of the game here.
First of all, the scenery’s beautiful here.
Then there’s the fact that Latvia is a land of untouched nature and definitely an unique place. Half of the territory is covered with forests and many lakes. No distractions, just glorious wild country – guaranteed to unwind, indulge and restore all of your senses.


Our family house is located in acres of lush countryside in the middle of a marshy plain north-east of Vidzeme, 80 km from Riga, the capital of Latvia.
The place makes you instantly feel calm the moment you arrive in its tranquil setting. Perfect place for nature-lovers in need of a little rejuvenation. It has its own special aura.


Only 10 km distance away from our home stands Zilais Kalns – the Blue Mountain, a hill covered with blue mist and shrouded in strange stories.
Because of its obscure nature, some compare Zilais Kalns to Stonehenge.

Researchers of the paranormal love this place and claim that the mountain is a powerful energy source. They even painted 147 yellow power lines on the ground, marking the important healing spots. When one crosses the lines, they are believed to heal his body and soul.


During the decline of USSR and the upsurge of superstitions, esoteric knowledge seekers and paranormal investigators, the place was famous for its healer Martha – people would secretly visit her to get healed by her special mantras, to bring back cheating husbands, stop fires, summon rains and what not.
My mother did visit Martha for help as well, when she couldn’t get help from the doctors to cure my baby brother, who was suffering from a strange disease. Martha’s magic worked.
We enjoyed the story about how the soviet police – called milizia, tried to arrest Martha because of her alternative work.
She didn’t do any resistance what so ever. But the car they put her in wouldn’t move. The men of power had no option than to let her go.
And first when she was released the car would move. Crazy, huh?
As children we loved to visit this hill covered with massive oak, fir and maple trees and many weird-shaped rocks all over the mountain, which are also believed to have magical powers.
We celebrated the Midsummer or Summer Solstice at my two sisters’ horse farm. Me -and my mom love red. Why not to have a bit of glamour in the country as well?
In Latvia, it’s called Jāņi (pronounced [jaːɲi]) a festival held in the night from 23 June to 24 June. 
Jāņi is thought to be the time when the forces of nature are at their most powerful and the boundaries between the physical and spiritual worlds are thinnest.
Jāņi is an ancient festival originally celebrated in honour a Latvian pagan deity Jānis, referred to as a “Son of God” in some ancient Latvian folksongs. Like Dionysos in Greek mythology.
Jānis is also traditionally the most common of Latvian male given names. 
My youngest brother’s name is Janis.
My first love’s name is Janis as well. Everybody is Janis here.
According to the tradition beer is the drink to be enjoyed in this celebration. But my two sisters and me aren’t keen of beer, so we stick to boobles, cooled down in this not so glamorous cooler. Despite or perhaps because of it, it tastes divine. Fresh fish on the grill. 


The full moon was fascinating, mysteriously shining back in the little river close to our home.
Spinning time back to another magnificent summer night many years ago. When I was those sweet 16, swimming in the soft waters of a lake. Together with Janis, a man I was wildly in love with.
An experience worth to live for.


I had plans, lots of plans of things to accomplish while in Latva. I did nothing.
I slept a lot. I enjoyed the sun and nature. 
I was swimming in fountain of youth walking through the flower fields looking for wild strawberries.
I was healing.







I allowed my self to be in the feminine energy. To receive and enjoy the beauty and energy. Small things huge impact.
The last days of my 20 day stay I was feeling energetic, strong and supple.
Peaceful, accepting, loving and inspired.


And fabulous.


Latvia has a strong tradition of folk remedies and treatments, that heals body and soul.
Nature is still king here. Light, bright and energized environment that makes you instantly feeling relaxed and soothed.


After almost 20 years abroad I truly desire to return to Latvia and build a retreat center.
And I would like to invite you to my Goddess retreats in Latvia, which are designed to unleash your beauty from the inside out. A holistic view and pampering your soul as well as buffing you up on the outside.














See more information about retreat here: Alluring Goddess Retreat in Latvia
Be sure that if you are longing for more dance, laughter, wonderful people, feeling great and looking fabulous this is worth to consider.



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