Vibrant, love-filled life. Stacy knows how.


I have been admiring Stacy for years.
For her bravery to dare to follow and fulfil her dreams. And for her beautiful uplifting energy she is radiating.

I met her via the fantastic Marie Forleo’s B-School.
For over 25 years she’s been supporting people to achieve their ideal health and happiness through private coaching, online programs and her Bali Bliss Empowerment Retreat happening in February of 2016 at the award winning Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Retreat center.




Stacy, please shortly introduce yourself.
Hello Gita, where do I start!
I am an adventurous woman with insatiable curiosity and nearly endless energy.
My entire life I have channeled this into an exploration of how one can live an absolutely vibrant and love-filled life.
I have had a bustling private practice that began in 1991, when I finished massage school.
I am an absolute science geek AND I am enthralled with spirituality and ancient medical traditions that blend the two. I received my Masters in Acupuncture in 1995 and have an undergraduate background in biosciences, and I’ve been a yoga and meditation teacher for 15 years.
Since 1995 I’ve been coaching my clients on how to optimize their health, release stress and trauma in favor of living their dreams.
Everything I have done in my life has been about learning and experiencing how to
live a magnificent and empowered life that is aligned with the true values of one’s heart.
This has led me down so many pathways of exploration–studying with traditional healers in other countries, deep diving in to my own meditation and yoga practices, incessant research and reading, studying with many healing masters, and having grand adventure in the wilds of Mother Nature that always lead to potent personal growth.
Alongside this journey I’m a single mama who’s raising an amazing, strong, un-schooled daughter.
I keep my home life simple and have created a small pocket of magical beauty with our healing gardens.
My motto is always “Living things first!”
It keeps my perspective and values in place.


Why and how it come you become coach and why you do what you do?
I absolutely love to feel amazing and I love puzzles!
When my clients come to me with their struggles and confusion, I see it as a puzzle.
My job is to deduct, intuit and feel for the fastest, funnest and most efficient path to help them feel amazing too. Over time I’ve recognized the core reasons why people suffer and have developed ways to quickly address them.
 I’ve been in practice long enough to know that the mind, heart and body are not separate.
One cannot be healed while ignoring the other.
We are unique, whole beings who deserve to be treated and honored with full presence and attention.
That’s what I do. I show up, fully on and available for each moment with you, whether that is in a 1:1 session, on a group call or in a class or retreat.
Even in my online programs, I’m there for you.
Ultimately, this is the process I engage when I work with you. Once I understand what your true struggles are and what your life goals and visions are, I devise a strategy to guide you through transformation and into your dreams. Our focus will always include body, mind and heart.
We may focus on:
-Adjusting your diet to support your unique physiology in delicious ways.
-Appropriate exercise that feels good and moves you most quickly to your goals.
This could be yoga, aerobics, weight resistant movements, Qi Gong or a prescription for walks in nature.
Meditation to release blocked energy, relieve pain and stress and build energy.
Mental re-patterning to get your mind working towards your goals instead of sabotaging you with negative thoughts.
Aligning your lifestyle habits with your true desires so that you’re not working against yourself.
Life coaching to help you feel confident and empowered to create the life you dream of.
How and where you find your bravery to create the life you love?
I found my bravery through fear and action. I followed my intuition and my heart and I showed up for the focused work to make my dreams come true.
Sometimes I’ve found myself shaking and nervous when it came down to taking actions that scared me.
Sometimes I have procrastinated because fear held me back from taking action.
I’ve had inspiring models to show me what’s possible and I have an incredible sisterhood of amazing women where we are there or one another with support and encouragement.
When the pull of my dreams becomes greater than my fear, I take action. It’s letting go of what’s held me back that allows me to move forward with less and less effort.
I am a huge believer in letting go.


What’s your secret behind you stunning looks and vital body?
You are so kind, Gita! I do feel really vital and I have a lot of energy.
Partly, I have been blessed with supportive genetics. Partly, I absolutely LOVE my body! I
love having a form to discover the limits of and exploring pleasure with. All living things that are loved, thrive! And it’s partly great lifestyle habits too.
I’ve created habits I like that support my body. Not all lifestyle habits are right for everyone. I know what’s most supportive for my body and most of the time I do them.
For my diet, I eat a lot of vegetables. In the spring I bring in green juices with the wild nettles and dandelion greens that abound and support a gentle whole foods detoxification (yes, more letting go of what holds me back!).
In the winter I make more roasted veggies and soups. I eat with the seasons and in accordance with my constitution.
To keep my energy moving, I exercise intensely. It’s not right for everyone, but it makes me feel awesome! I also love my yoga practice.
I guard my sleep time and make sure that I get enough sleep every week. Sure, one day may be more or less, but through a whole week, I get the 7-8 hours per night that my body does best with.
I hydrate consciously. Water intake is what allows our bodies to filter out all the cellular waste that we make. I like knowing and feeling that my cells have a clean environment to live optimally in.
I meditate. Being in the grand beauty of nature is what most nourishes me. I commune with trees, lakes, flowers, the sounds of the wilderness and the key line/energy points of the earth. This loving silence fills me up! In my focused meditation times I move energy. I move it through my body, releasing stagnant energy and bringing in brilliant, nourishing energy. I do this in mediation, Qi Gong and Yoga. I love it!
I also mind my mind. I am introspective, curious and open to discovering more ways to expand my joy. My sisterhood is so great at reflecting back to me when I engage mental or emotional habits that block vitality and love.
I also have great tools to let go of the habits that hold me back. This is crucial. Our thoughts create habits that create our reality.
All together, I walk my talk. I do what I ask my clients and students to do.
And, it’s FUN!!!! I don’t believe in being a harsh task master, or suffering to get better. All we have is now, this moment.
I support my body with supportive habits because I love my body and want to support it. This is such a key pivotal point in one’s health!


What is your advise to other women who dream but postpone to fulfill their dreams?
So you’re afraid. Maybe you have a thousand justifications or excuses. Do it anyway, fear in tow. It’s okay to feel afraid and still take action. It’s also okay to let go of our fears and really fly with our dreams!
Releasing all that holds us back in our lives is the most enjoyable pathway to the manifestation of dreams. What are you afraid to let go of?
We all have some payoff from letting fear hold us back. Maybe we feel more safe when
we aren’t reaching for the stars, none can say “I told you it wouldn’t work” if we never try, we won’t fail if we don’t try, we won’t be open to criticism. What would happen if you let go of those fears?
Maya Angelou said we are more afraid of our light than the darkness. I think she’s
We are afraid to shine!


I suggest becoming part of a community of supportive people who help each other act in spite of their fear. Take workshops or work with a healer who helps you release the old stories and beliefs that tell you you’re not good enough or deserving or capable. Work in partnership with a friend or coach who helps hold you accountable to your plan.
Community is the answer. And, its way more fun to share our dreams with others and help each other achieve them!
What has been the hardest / toughest thing you have overcome ?
Myself! It’s been my self limiting beliefs and stories that have held me back.
Letting those go and committing myself to the authentic expression of my heart has been the hard work! Consciously choosing my response to life is where my diligent attention is called to.
Compared to this, everything else has been easy! Commercial fishing in the Bering Sea of Alaska, starting new businesses, birth, parenting, divorce, moving overseas, deaths…. it’s all been my response to them that has required my deepest attention and effort.
That said, last year was a deeply challenging year on the inside and outside. I returned from living in Bali to the US with half of my belongings ruined in by a flood, a relationship ended.
I didn’t have a place to live.
I didn’t have work arranged and my teenage daughter was behaving, well, rather teenish and anti-mama, and I had a kidney stone that took a month to pass.
So much of what I relied upon to reflect the good person I thought I was, was gone. I felt really scared and lost until I took some huge steps through my fears and into my freedom.
Unlike any advice I received, I bought 2 tickets and took my daughter and I half way
around the world to journey through 3 countries and into the very depths of my soul.
I dove deep into yoga and sisterhood in Bali, walked and meditated for hours on the beaches of Australia at sunrise, and bought a used car in New Zealand to explore and camp in the wild beauty of that land.
I didn’t have many resources for this journey, but I found a way to make it happen. I faced my demons there. I let go of more than I thought possible. I emerged empty and raw. I had passed through an eye of a needle, a dark night of the soul.
My daughter flew back to the US and I went back to Bali for my first Christmas without her. Once there, my friends began to fill me up with love. It felt like divine nectar to be seen, honored and held so lovingly by my dear comrades. I began to feel whole again in an expanded and different way. I was light, I was free and I had come out of the fog and into myself. It was, by far, the hardest thing I have ever done.
To let go of who you think you are; the stories, beliefs, and identities, is the toughest thing I’ve done. And, I know it’s not over yet!


Bali retreat – Im so intrigued. Please tell us more about it.
I am so excited for this event– the Bali Bliss Empowerment Retreat! A group of 10-18 people will be joining me at a boutique eco-luxury retreat center in a quiet rice padi in Bali, my second home to explore and release the self-limiting stories and beliefs, habits and pain that have held them back from manifesting their dreams. We’ll begin with a coning ritual and a traditional Balinese Melukat ceremony with a Holy man and through a purification ritual with the water priestess, Ida Rissi.
You’ll be guided on shamanic journeys through your own bodies, guided meditations through your minds and hearts, and through Yoga, Qi Gong and breath you’ll liberate and harmonize the energy that had previously been spent on holding you back. Our carefully planned menu and Yoga asana focus will help your body release the tension, pain and toxins it’s been holding too.
All that I’ve discovered, all that has set me free, will be shared with you.
If you’ve ever wanted to be free of the ties that have bound you, kept you from
playing big, living authentically and manifesting your dreams, please join us!
More information & details:
Bali Bliss Empowerment Retreat
Go to for Stacy’s
 Top 8 Resources that Keep Me Feeling Healthy, Strong, Energized and On-task; Serving My Highest Purpose

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