The fundament of looking gorgeous & being healthy at ANY age.

Sensuality & feeling great in your skin radiates the kind of beauty that doesn’t come out of any bottles or jar.

The fundament of looking gorgeous & being healthy at ANY age requires good mind & body connection (plus a little effort to make the most of what you’ve got.)

Sadly, for most of us, our connection to our bodies and our emotions are devastating.

Most of us from an early age, we learn that our bodies are somehow dirty and sinful.

I began to hate mine early.

At six or seven, I don’t remember how old exactly I was when I got molested by neighbours grandfather.

I blamed my body for it.

Be a good girl, they tell you.


Be perfect.

Hold yourself back and pretend.

Later own growing up I hated the changes and processes of my body.

I was told menstruation was gross.

Nothing cripples you more than shame and was ashamed for being a woman.

I hated so much being me.

I put myself constantly on extreme dieting and excessive physical exercise.

I made myself small and felt as a lower rank than other people.

I just wanted to vanish.

And my body, my looks and life generally reflected back what I believed and felt about myself.

It wasn’t either pretty or fun.

First many years later I learnt that about the close connection between emotions, mind and body.

I became aware of my beliefs and self-hate, which in itself was a huge milestone.

Just by making the first baby steps in self-loving hugely improved how I felt and looked.

Like a magic.

Self-loving is indeed the magic we all need.

And no, self-loving doesn’t mean just to take flower baths (which of course are nice, have nothing against them), it includes working through shadow work,

shifting your beliefs and allowing to feel ALL emotions (easier said than done).

Selfloving opens the door to being playful & joyful, connecting and adoring your body and its incredible functions.

Our sensuality, softness and sexuality are the fountains of health, beauty and happiness.
We indeed are the masterpieces of Universe.
Let’s own our attractiveness, our femininity, our sensuality and sexuality.


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