Crete, Greece.

Stunning beauty, unforgetable experiences and delicious, organic and plantbased food – and connection to other wonderful people.
























I was lucky to born in a small country in the Northen Europe, Latvia. Lucky because almost half of the country is covered by forests. I became a dear friend with trees, plants, all the living creatures.  They taught me wisdom and made me strong and beautiful.
 The air is healing. Nature calm and loving.
Latvians still are not trusting foreigners as a wound from the many years of occupation by Soviet union. But their hearts are made of gold, and once they learn you aren’t after their country, they become your best friend and host.

You become more joyous as soon you put your feet on the earth in Latvia.
And retreat from stress, regenerate, heal and blossom in your full beauty.

You can do it on your own or join my retreat.

As miraculous as Latvia is, it is wise to spend there at least 5 days at the time to fully absorb all the goodies.

That’s why I have created 7-days regenerating Alluring & Happy Women retreat, combining treatments, rituals, and experience for body and mind.

True inner & outer beauty adventure, all-inclusive retreat, pick-up and delivery to Riga airport in Latvia.


This is life changing and total rejuvenating retreat with powerful nature, organic / vegan food, herb sauna and my transformational training to make you look and feel irresistible and to heal your body & soul.



Here is laughter and quiet.  Wonderful people, some dancing. Powerful nature to nourish your senses and deep rest. 


Forget chemical peels, surgical face-lifts, Botox, or expensive hopes-in-a-jar. You can attain fresh, glowing skin, look gorgeous and feel fabulous by following a few simple directives, changing your mindset and beliefs. 



The retreat is created to provide a positive, supportive environment where you can explore the world, learn new skills, find inner and out balance, nourish your body and your soul and most of all relax and have fun! 

I don’t believe in deprivation or having to ‘rough it’ to have a healthy transformational holiday that awakens your body, mind and spirit.
Well-being is important, but not in an obsessively restrictive way. Balance is key, and my goal is to provide the perfect balance.
Gentle yoga, delicious organic cuisine & wine, massage, sauna rituals,  beautiful lodge make it easy to kickstart metabolism and wellbeing.
Home and body care services and products that are eco-friendly, fairly-traded, and animal-friendly.


 A truly life changing experience! You will return home feeling alluring, vital, filled with energy and feeling amazing being you.


Please send me a message to if you are interested and/ or would like to have more information. 

More information about the retreat is following soon. Sign up and don’t miss it!
Get a feeling of Latvia here:unleashing fabulousness in Latvia

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