Manage Your Agreements With Aws

AWS Artifact, available in the console, is a self-service artifact recording portal that provides our customers with access to AWS compliance documentation and AWS agreements. If you want to set additional HIPAA accounts under your offline BAA, you can do so by registering in the process described in your offline BAA (for example. B send an email to After confirmation by AWS, the art agreement interface for the newly named account changes to reflect the fact that it has been identified as a HIPAA account under your offline BAA. If you only want to accept an agreement for certain member accounts, you must register individually for each account and accept the corresponding agreements through AWS Artifact account agreements. If you`re the administrator of an account, you can give IAM users and users connected with reels permissions to access and manage one or more agreements. By default, only users with admin rights can accept an agreement. To accept an agreement, IAM and interconnector users must have the following permissions: this displays the artifact`s house. To start the process, click “Show Agreements” in the “First Steps with the Artifact” section (on the right). Use the Account Agreements tab to accept the agreement for your individual account.

If you are a master account in an organization, you can accept the agreement on behalf of all accounts in your organization under the Organization Agreements tab. If your account is a member account of an organization, you must have the following permissions to view your organization agreements offline: A master account is the AWS account you use to create your organization in AWS organizations. If you`re registered with the master account, you can use AWS Organizations to create member accounts in your organization, invite existing accounts, join your organization, and remove accounts from your organization. You can use AWS Artifact Agreements to verify, accept and track the status of AWS agreements such as the Addendum Business Associate (BAA). If accepted, AWS Artifact Account Agreements (under the Account Agreements tab) applies only to the individual account you logged into with AWS.

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