International Commercial Agency And Distribution Agreements

We often help our clients choose the most appropriate option for their business objectives and we design and negotiate the corresponding commercial contract to ensure that they have as much legal protection as possible in their dealings with the agents and traders they have appointed. 1.1 The contracting authority shall appoint the agent as the commercial representative in order to promote the sale of the products (or services) within the area defined below (and in the advertising channels defined below). A distribution contract has similarities with an agency contract. However, the main difference lies in the fact that the distributor concludes the contract with the final consumer (customer) in his own name and the manufacturer is not involved, with the exception of the manufacturer`s warranty or the product warranty and liability. Note: The parties may limit the scope of the agency contract to certain categories of clients. With regard to the identification of advertising channels, the contracting parties may either list the categories covered by this contract (retailers, industrial users, mass traders) or the categories to which the contract does not apply. Garden furniture and barbecues: drafting agency contracts for the distribution of garden furniture and barbecues through agents throughout Great Britain and participated in the negotiation of compensation to agents who did not have a written agreement. In this reprint enriched with an indispensable and proven practical guide for the design and negotiation of agency, distribution and franchising agreements, contributors have updated their national reports with recent cases and comments, as well as a host of new model clauses and other practical features. .

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