How to avoid stress and depression. And to look 10 years younger.


My best remedy to avoid stress and / or depression is to get physical.

The work in a farm is one of the best therapies.
It’s all in one: therapy, meditation, physical and mental exercise.
Since I was little I been working in pig, cow and horse farms.
All before it got mechanized & automatized.
It was hard labor.
That time the cattle still was treated with dignity, respect and love.
I did make an effort to clean and make it nice for them.
No meditation can provide you the feeling of happiness after well done job – when the animals have got their food & water and their spaces are clean and you have had a ‘talk’ with them.
And the top of it is when afterwards you sweaty and dirty get into a moist hot steam bath and brush yourself with natural herbs, and finish with ice-cold shower.
You step out looking ten years younger, feeling alive and happy as new born baby.
So, when I go for vacation to my family in Latvia – first thing I want to do is to get into farm and shovel some sh*t.

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