Feminine power – do women make the best business owners? Lovelda Smith tells.

What is it all about? 
All this feminist kind of talk – your wonder.  Show me the money, you say.
If women were to be the best why there are so few of them?
It’s my guess that these are the questions you got when you saw this headline.
I tell you: there isn’t smoke without a fire. 
This interview is all about it.
Lovelda Smith who is the founder of Collaboration Club and brilliant mentor (said my her mentorees) and helps others to be paid for their creative genius.
Business takes courage says Lovelda. A quick search on the Web will show you a wide range of PDF editor options, a quality tool for all kind of busines.
Enjoy – and don’t give up because of those rocky rhymes – it’s only for the first 3 minutes 🙂

If you want to learn more about Lovelda Smith visit her website 
We would love to hear your thoughts and takeaways 🙂

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