Fdw Safety Agreement Form

Remember that your maid should also have a say in the contract, which should only be concluded and signed after an amicable agreement. Add as much relevant information as possible and make sure your maid understands the conditions before signing. Other things you should include in the contract are working hours (many domestic helpers work too long because they live in their workplace), housing conditions and holiday schemes. Since there is no standard contract in Singapore, you can invent one for yourself. You can use model contracts such as those created by the Association of Employment Agencies of Singapore (AEAS) and CaseTrust. These can be adapted to your situation. However, employers should keep in mind that the contract is subject to the conditions related to the work permit. For example, you can`t include tasks that aren`t allowed in your assistant`s work permit conditions, such as. B the care of other households. The employer must also agree to “treat the domestic worker fairly and humanely” and not to withhold or withhold the Filipino worker`s passport without consent. In addition, the employer must sign a commitment form, also provided by the Embassy of the Philippines, which states that he will cover the expenses of his Filipino servants.

The employer must accept that the worker can communicate freely with her family and ensure that her family members treat the assistant with respect and diligence. In addition to the contract, the Philippine Embassy also requires employers to acquire a safety obligation (beyond that required by the Ministry of Labor). You must also make sure that the worker is a member of the Overseas Workers Welfare Association (OWWA) and that the maid has paid for Pag Ibig`s mandatory membership. To be able to work in Singapore, good Filipinos must have completed an approved training program. These are conditions for having the treaty verified and authenticated by the Embassy of the Philippines. In the absence of a verified standard contract, the worker cannot leave the Philippines or return to Singapore after a leave of absence. At all times, employers must be aware of their obligations and the rights of domestic helpers. Most of them are simple, but before hiring, read the conditions of the work permit carefully. If you follow the necessary steps, hiring a foreign domestic help is not laborious….

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