How to live & work effortlessly with Marina Pearson



How to go from depression, 2 suicide attempts, eating disorder, drugs and alcohol addiction to a joyful life and effortless entrepreneurship. 
And to become the No.1 best-selling author of the multi-award winning book Goodbye Mr Ex and make a living by supporting professional women and female entrepreneurs to transform all types of stress into effortless results and living through my coaching practice and live events.


And to become also an international speaker who has spoken at Ted X London, in Florida and Singapore to more than 400+ entrepreneurs.
And having a harmonious & loving relationship and family.
I was excited to learn all about effortless lifestyle and invited Marina Pearson, who is the creator of  Effortless Lifestyle and Your Pathway to Love for a conversation.
I wanted to know how she does it as I also wish to live and work effortlessly. 


(Your Pathway to Love is a 2 day program teaching you how to bridge the gap between life, love and the profitable business you desire – and the Early Bird offer is valid till the 18th of May 2016)


 We met over at Blab and Marina told about her way, struggles and how she discovered and how you can live effortlessly as well.
You can watch the conversation here – please skip over to first 9 minutes (we had to learn how to “dance” on Blab 🙂

Enjoy and let us know about your takeaways.
Lots of love,

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