Permission to Be Bold, Gorgeous and Timeless. Unleash Your Inner Outer Beauty. Be Unforgettable.

Shine in any setting and enjoy every day of your life.

We don’t need scientific research, although much exists, to know that most women are tragically unhappy with their appearance.

We also know that looks are more important for a women’s advancement than a man’s and that age isn’t exactly a woman’s asset.

So women consume lots of resources attempting to fit the beauty standards of our society and inevitably face failure.

This erodes confidence, increases self-doubt and creates stress, shame, insecurity and depression.

But one thing is certain.

When you feel good, you look good.

The techniques presented in this book will help you step out of self-doubting and feeling like an ugly duckling, and instead celebrate your specific brilliance, talents and self-expression.

Gita knows how it is to live with low self-worth, self-hate, feeling invisible, feeling ugly and overall not good enough.

In the book, she shares her know-how, tips, tools and stories that will help you boost your confidence and bust the beliefs that hold you back.

The book will show that self-care & grooming can be a remarkable confidence booster and that you don’t need lots of money, expensive clothes and skin products to feel great and look gorgeous no matter your age, size or income.

When you feel great about yourself, you look great and:

* You’ll shine in any setting

* You’ll enjoy every day of your life (well, most of them)

* You’ll automatically be a better mother, wife, lover, friend – a happy woman improves not only her own life but the lives of everyone around her

* You’ll be more courageous to stand up for what you believe and have a stronger belief in yourself which will make your desires come true

* Your health and wellbeing will improve

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