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Arc Funding Agreements

a panel of scientific and industry experts to assist the CRA in assessing applications and making a funding recommendation to the CEO. A CAS can be drawn by the CRA`s College of Experts. Funding is provided to the first chief investigator designated for the CRA`s unsuccessful application. The Chief Auditor must reapply for a CRA grant within 18 months or is not eligible for future funding from Near Miss. The quasi-subsidy program funds nan applicants whose grant applications have been highly ranked but not funded by ARC Discovery Projects as part of the annual evaluation process. 14.18. On the CRA website, you will find references to acceptable forms of recognition and use of the ARC logo. Each published research edition must include the recognition of CRA funding and the ARC PROJECT IDENTIFIANT. The Australian Research Council (CRA) provides funding opportunities for research and researchers. 4.6. Applications for funding for the possibility of subsidizing liaison projects must include at least one partner organization. The partner organization must provide a cash and/or in-kind benefit and/or any other in-kind benefit for the project.

Cumulative contributions from the partner organization eligible for an application (i.e. the sum of cash and contributions of the partner organizations) must be at least equal to the overall funding requested by the CRA. f. The CSA meets to discuss the classification of each application against other applications and to determine funding recommendations. Notwithstanding the above, the CRA may provide offers or funding allocations, including information on the proposed research, the name and institution/organization of each applicant, the identity of the management institution and any other institution or organization involved in the project, the title and summary descriptions of the project and its expected results, and the amount and nature of the CRA`s financial support. If you receive financial assistance directly from a funding agency, it is important to provide all correspondence and documents associated with SSO so that the grant organization can begin. If the promotion organization asks you to accept the grant directly, copy OSR on your acceptance (if by email) or send a copy of the acceptance documentation (if by mail). If the OSR does not yet have a UQ fund cover sheet (DOC, 159.5 KB) and a copy of your application, these will be required as part of the acceptance process. THE ARC centres, the CRA`s specialized research centres, discovery-project scholarships and Linkage Project scholarships (with the exception of the promotion of the scholarships outlined above) in areas that would be duplicated or reasonably expected under the CRA Centre of Excellence research program: all applications for external fellowships, formal expressions of interest, and contracts or agreements requiring university implementation require a full certification form.

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