Affiliate License Agreement

1.2 The royalties covered in this Appendix B do not apply to the activities of the taker in a non-member country, where that non-member state is a sponsored territory or it was a sponsored territory at the time of the implementation of the taker`s activities in that non-member state. 4.2 After receiving notification from the taker under this paragraph 4, the licensee and the licensee may request additional information about the proposed activities of the taker and provide the taker, as the donor considers it reasonably necessary to establish an appropriate license and a reasonable fee for the activities proposed by the taker. (b) a license product that is or contains a data establishment system provides, distributes or licenses, unless the licensee`s product is used exclusively in conjunction with a qualifying research project. 1.4 From 2015, the fees that the licensee must pay for his activity in non-member states for each fiscal year are adjusted for the same percentage as the general meeting of the licensee agrees to adjust the aggregate annual tax (as defined in the licensee`s statutes) against the aggregate annual tax of the previous year. 3.7.2 The licensee returns to the licensee a licensee or acquires a license from the licensee member (or, if applicable, part of that extension or part of it) under the same conditions; which apply to international release in accordance with clause 2 of this licence agreement until that extension (or part of it) or a derivative becomes an integral part of the international release or national release of the member (14.1) with respect to the purpose of this licensing agreement, replaces all previous agreements between the parties with respect to this purpose and determines all of the licensee`s rights with respect to international liberation. Any control plan is authorized, under this agreement, to use trademarks granted in a geographic area of the region (as defined in such controlled affiliate licensing agreements) and any geographic area in the region is authorized to approve at least one of the control plans; and C. 5.5 After the termination of this licence agreement pursuant to this clause 5, all licences granted under this licence agreement are automatically and immediately revoked. 8.3.1 indicates the following mention of all the materials on which the licensed products are distributed and of the documentary form of each sub-licence granted by the licensee in accordance with point 2.1.5:”This material contains SNOMED Clinical Terms® (SNOMED CT®), used with the permission of the International Organization for the Development of Health Standards (IHTSDO). All rights reserved. SNOMED CT® was originally founded by the College of American Pathologists. “SNOMED” and “SNOMED CT” are registered trademarks of IHTSDO. EMI has sub-licensed several newly created related foreign companies. EMI paid the heir to Ellington 50% of the net sales it received from these related foreign sub-licenses.

However, since the companies were subsidiaries of EMI, Ellington`s heirs argued that they were entitled to 50% of the net revenues of foreign sublicensings, not just a share of what EMI had received sublicensings. 6.4 The College of American Pathologists, as the author of intellectual property rights in international publication, has, as a licensee, a specific exemption from the licensee`s rights in Clause 6.3 in certain circumstances and for a certain period of time that must be agreed with the licensee. , and the terms of this [exception] are considered to be part of the terms of that taker`s affiliation license.

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