Do you spend your days trying to overcome the feeling of shame and not being good enough?
Something about your life needs to change, what is it?
What do you could and want to experience more fully?


    • You buy and read voraciously every self-help and personal growth book, attend numerous courses and workshops, you do what you’re supposed to do, and it didn’t work out the way it was supposed to and you have no idea how to actually let go and come back to yourself.
    • You are afraid to be vulnerable with others. People don’t listen because they don’t want to hear you. 
    • You want all the self-development work you’ve done to mean something, you want to come to terms with what you’ve experienced and not just sweep it under the rug; you want to stop feeling frustrated and overcome the feeling that you’re not good enough, unsure of yourself, exhausted and lonely.  
  • You put yourself second. You don’t feel you are enough and no matter how hard you try, you would never be good enough.
The mistake ninety-nine percent of humanity made, as far as Fats could see, was being ashamed of what they were. /J.K. Rowling “The Casual Vacancy”.
  • You’re dreaming of respectful relationships, feeling great and confident in your body;  to have the courage to pursue your heart’s deepest desires.
    You want to look good both on the inside and outside and loving yourself for who you are.
  • Do you spend your days trying to overcome the feeling of shame and not being good enough? Believe me, I understand. Whatever type of shame you can think of: I’ve experienced it/ been through it.
    In fact, when I was 16, I had so much shame and loneliness, I tried to commit suicide.
    Shame has always been a big part of my life, I have been hiding a lot so that people don’t discover my dirty little secret: I was a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, over-powered and not having my consent acknowledged that made it very difficult for me to trust other people.
    I hated my body and I hated myself. I was trying to be small and thin and invisible.
    After spending 12 years in an unhappy marriage, it took me a long time to learn how to love and respect myself again.
    I regret those years when instead of reaching out for help, I spent my days feeling bad about myself and beating myself up.
    I am great at helping others overcome blocks, identify gifts and talents, and then assisting in creative ways to bring everything together for transformations in business and life.
    I do this through spiritual tools, insightful guidance, occasional bluntness, and intuitive interviewing.
    I work with women who want to:
      • Say goodbye to shame/judgment/guilt, feeling less than
      • Create an abundant life with harmonious relationships
      • Let go of the fear of not being good enough
      • Build up a stellar confidence
    • Embrace their inner and outer beauty
      I believe all of us are worthy of a happy life, but the real challenge is finding the right person to help you on your journey: someone who you can be vulnerable with and who understands what you’ve been through.
      It isn’t easy to become yourself, however, it’s possible.
      I am here to help you to come into the power of your individual gifts and your Unique Beauty.