How to be beautiful. Also after 40.

Beauty will save the world, wrote Dostoevsky.

I believe in that too.

Women are the flowers of the Universe, I read somewhere else.
Being beautiful is embracing who you are.


Tragically, most women don’t feel beautiful at all.
Far from.
(Dove’s research a few years ago stated that only 4% of women worldwide would recognise themselves as beautiful).
We spend our lives from a young age struggling with seeing & appreciating ourselves for who we are. 
We feel not good enough, and not beautiful enough.
That we can thank our misogynic culture for. 
From an early age, we learned something is wrong with us.
We learn not to be compassionate with ourselves, other people, nature and all living beings.
We make ourselves small.
The patriarchy shames you for being a woman.
We get told to suppress our femininity, personality and our own unique beauty.
Our bodies are being used to sell products & services and we get shamed for breastfeeding in public.
We get judged and even punished for how we choose to dress & express ourselves.
(Don’t be too much! Be a good girl! or you are a bitch).
(Don’t even mention woman’s sensuality & sexuality – that’s terrifying to them).
Hence we get beliefs that we are unattractive and unworthy and that’s the trap of self-criticism and perfectionism.



All they want is naive, innocent, good (teenage) girl stereotype of a woman that benefits only some big egos with a tiny confidence and the cosmetic industry selling you “miracle” products, but there are great options to look beautiful, we can exercise our bodies or correct imperfections with the help of specialists like an ent surgeon which can make any cosmetic surgery if we need it.
And God forbid you are over the age of 30.
Even the big stars in Hollywood are disregarded when they no longer look like teenagers and struggle to get decent roles to play.
After 40 it goes only faster to being invisible and entirely dismissed.
And here many women may even give up on themselves. 
 Luckily for us, we live in incredible times when this f*cking old system is falling apart.
We are becoming more aware, more conscious.
However, we can’t just be sleeping princesses relying on some random prince.
(No one gave women rights to vote, right? Women had to stand up for them).
We must raise.
We must embrace our superpowers of femininity, and embody our beauty.
We can begin to do that by being mindful, questioning our limiting beliefs and learning & practising self-acceptance and self-love.
By building our confidence, allowing our creativity and rejoicing our self-expression.
Let’s be inspired by women like Hellen Mirren, Jane Fonda,  Carmen Dell’Orefice, just to name some well-known, who don’t give into stereotypes.
(Carmen is a model and is more than 85 years and walking tall & beautiful with the young(er) supermodels.)
They know how to rock their unique looks and most importantly know their worthiness and are comfortable in their own skin. 
Experience & knowledge is incredibly sexy – let’s acknowledge it.
And we have plenty of it.
Let’s let go the resistance to beauty and femininity and allow to be you who you really are.
Our bodies are treasure boxes of wisdom.
We don’t need to become like or compete with men to be successful.
Let’s appreciate our quirks and imperfections.
Let’s wear proudly our magnetism, radiance – why to hide it?
Feeling beautiful & being loving to yourself is a No.1 way to stay healthy & vibrant.
Celebrate your beautiful soul and share its beauty with the world.
This is what I am committed to.
My name is Gita.
I am 46 and I am BEAUTIFUL from the inside out.
I am letting go of suppressing who I am.
And now I like to hear you recognising your beauty.
If you are courageous enough live a comment: I am (name/ age) and I am Beautiful.

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