Do you feel beautiful, have fun, enjoy miracles of life?

Yes, life is not always a strawberry cake – often far from that for many of us.
Terrible things happen, mistakes, bad choices.
We wish that those things never happened.

The shadow of them are following us tightly but we don’t want to do anything with it.
It’s too painful.
It’s too shameful.
We think it makes us less than and unworthy.
And we can’t enjoy life or notice all the miracles.
It drains our energy and vitality.
But as the Japanese philosophy wabi-sabi, close to the fine art of “kintsugi” – repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver or platinum and thus highlighting the cracks, says:
– things are more beautiful when they were put back together that once were broken.
When we stop denying and hiding our wounds, brokenness, trauma, flaws and imperfections and instead embracing them we become more beautiful.
And when we feel beautiful we feel good.
When we feel good we do good.
And the “joie de vivre” is easy.


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