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Please, mummy, don’t become old, said, my daughter.

In her eyes, old people are equal with sickness, grumpiness, a resentful & pessimistic point of view, soured attitude, sadness, and so on.
I assured her that I have no intention of getting old and told the story about me and my friends when we were teenagers.
Swimming in a lake after a long day of hard work in the fields & pig farm we swore to never become like our mothers and always go for the joy, friendship and beautiful (self-made) dresses.
We would never let ourselves down.
Life didn’t turn out to be only a dance on roses for anyone of us.
However, 30 years later I still have been faithful to the agreement and have no intention of getting old.
You may think I am silly and trying to do the impossible.
I am not.
Well ok, I am 🙂
There are lots of scientific research proving that ageing is a dynamic process that can be accelerated or slowed and even reversed.
Ageing means change, but change does not mean decay, says award-winning psychologist Ellen Langer in her book “Counter clockwise”.
There are 3 major things that influence our looks, health and wellbeing in general.
#1 Being MINDFUL.
Our mind is the most powerful tool that influences our body and cells’ DNA.
Too many people mindlessly give in to negative stereotypes.
Too many people have a negative self-image that turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Health psychologist, director of UCSF’s Aging, Metabolism and Emotions Center, Elissa Epel and Nobel-Winning scientist Elizabeth Blackburn their book “The Telomere Effects” stresses the importance of being aware of our thoughts and beliefs.
Pessimism, cynical hostility, suppression of our emotions and dwelling in & rehashing problems are self-destructive thought patterns that speed up ageing and are high-risk factors of illnesses.
The infamous psychologist Albert Bandura discovered that a person’s genuine beliefs about themselves and their capabilities create their future.
So, if you believe that you are unattractive and that everything is going only to be worse you probably will give up on yourself.
Why not use this knowledge about the power of your mind to your advantage?
First, eliminate all self-criticism.
It is the real self within you is what makes you truly attractive.
Become aware (preferably with the help of healer/ mentor) of the root cause of your negative beliefs, painful emotions and thoughts in order to heal those emotional hurts and injuries (yes, we all have them).
Your body is mirroring your inner (subconscious) beliefs about yourself and life.
Question your beliefs about people and life.
Examine how by focussing on the goodness in others and life your experience more of it.
This enthusiasm about life is an incredibly powerful tool to help you to be healthy, vibrant and irresistibly attractive.
You are born to make this world more beautiful from the moment you are born until the end.
Beauty tip #2 following soonest.
Lots of love, Gita


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