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Your appearance has a persuasive power .The Chanel like top with confidence.

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The clothes you wear and the way you groom yourself affects the way other people will see & hear you.

Already at school, I learned that children who were well-dressed and as well their parents were treated by teachers and other authorities with greater respect.
I came from a poor family so this was a bitter experience and I became very conscious about my appearance.
And here we come to this black, Chanel inspired top/ jumper in the picture.
Can you believe it’s almost 22 years old?!
(speaking about sustainability, huh?)
So, 22 years ago I was working as a waitress in a decadent restaurant in Riga.
Besides working and partying, I was taking some business course (which sucked big time) as I was tired of all this and wanted some more meaningful job.
And so one day I got offered a position as project coordinator for an international company.
Even though the only word about business I understood was “rentable” (I heard my mom & dad talking if it pays to hold more than 2 cows), and could speak only limited German (besides Latvian and Russian) and was terrified as hell – I didn’t hesitate and said yes immediately.
I mean it was a huge opportunity in the post-Soviet Latvia where most industries and thus workplaces had collapsed.
And as the first thing, even before learning English, I knew I had to change from my mini skirts to “business” style.
Thankfully I got paid an advance payment of part of my salary.
I run to my best friend, who worked in one of the smartest clothing shops in Riga and could give me a better price.
She and all girls in the shop found this classy top and long black skirt for me.
They fixed my hair, helped with makeup and put a chewing gum in my mouth- of all that excitement I forgot to eat and the black coffee made my stomach sour.
I felt like a queen.
I walked like a queen.
I was a businesswoman now!
And believe it or not – even though I didn’t know much or sometimes even didn’t understand the conversations in the meetings – I made a great impression.
So, dress the message ?
Use the clothes to your advantage.
You may not like this reality and you may deny it but we people judge each other.
Consciously or unconsciously.
PS. think of Earth, think sustainable – choose wisely clothes that you can wear also after 20 years.?


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