To see the true beauty in others your first have to see it in you.


There I was – presenting the coat I had made.
It’s 1989 – when we still were on the other side of the Wall and didn’t know much about the Western world, besides the scary stories we were been fed since our birth.

(And this tactic to make people scared seem to be used by governments still today – it’s efficient).
It was time when we could notice the first winds of change.
And although I’m happy those times are past, I must say they learned me to be cheerful in spite the tough circumstances.
I learned that when I took things lighter – life become easier.
I guess because I always (when around people) was cheerful, I was elected as the young communist leader -very honorable position that time.
(And as you can see – we communists looked very dangerous, didn’t we?).
I had a bad conscience though: instead of talking about strengthening the communism I was talking about beauty.
And still, despite the challenges and not so beautiful experiences, I love beauty and to talk about beauty.
Because world needs beauty.
Your beauty. Everyone’s’ beauty.
Because when you see the true beauty of you – you see beauty in everyone.
[Tweet “When you truly see your beauty – you don’t judge yourself.”]
When you don’t judge yourself – you don’t judge others.
Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world?

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