Are you shining bright or hiding yourself from the world?

Are you shining bright ? 

Are you expressing who you are inside?
Are you dressing your best?
Are you wearing clothes that make you look and feel hot, stunning, beautiful?

Appearances aren’t everything, but dressing is like art: our clothing is used to reflect our visions of ourselves.
Our wardrobe & looks must represent not only our bodies but also our spirit and our mind.


“ When a woman looks good, she feels good. And when a woman feels good – she does good “ /Dr. Pat Allen


I’ve learnt that dressing to express who you are takes a lot of courage.
To be visible, look outstanding, to be noticed.
Because you know you will be judged. You can be shamed. You risk to be called slut and whore.
And both genders are guilty of judging women for their looks to a much greater extent than both genders do for men.
Women are confined to so many rules of acceptable behaviour and dressing.
Actress Susan Sarandon, who is a saucy minx that oozes confidence, charisma and nonconformity (as my stunning friend photographer Monica Dart beautifully said) recently was attacked and shamed because of her choice of outfit.
( read more here: Susan Sarandon attacked for daring to expose her breasts)


I spent lots of years hiding. 
I desperately wanted to be me, do what I like, dress as I like – but I didn’t dare.
I had little sense of my self worth.
Not good enough. Not thin enough. Not attractive enough.
Always questioning:
Am I too much?
Am I too nice?
Am I attracting too much attention?
I was trying to blend into the crowd.
 I was trying extremely hard to be good, to get other people’s approval, which only made me feel even worse, bland and flat.

“You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure.”

/Zig Ziglar

This quote is not just about physical appearance, even though it might seem that way.
 Becoming the image of your own imagination extends throughout your entire life.


Looking good is about feeling confident in your own skin, regardless.
It takes courage but it’s worth it. 
You have to shine bright, be your glamorous, gorgeous self. The real you.
[Tweet “You were designed to stand out.”]

You were designed to stand out.

Nobody is perfect but that is what makes us special.
All you need is to accept how great you are.
Accept your true worth and step into your power and confidence as a woman.
Unresolved self-esteem issues hold us back from really expressing who we are.
By recognizing & healing these past issues, we change the way we see ourselves.


When you become confident, dress in your unique style, with no-fucks given about what others will judge – you shine your light so bright like a beacon, a lighthouse that will make your life amazing in many ways.
It all comes back to making yourself happy. 
A happy woman is an alluring woman – a woman who is in love with herself is what the world needs most.
Are you shining bright?
I’m – said she and put her hot, short dress on in spite she is 40 something.





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