A must have tools & books for self – loving, embracing your inner & outer beauty and increasing your well-being.


 An amazing guiding tool for the year to come. Polina’s Astrological Almanac is a comprehensive planner including some great psychic insights into the year. There are weekly and monthly reports to keep track of the changing tides, as well as a lunar and retrograde guides included at the back of the book.

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It’s about the ability to make seemingly out-of-reach things happen for yourself. It’s about mindset. The belief. The practice. That’s the skill that matters. That skill, that talent, that art is much bigger deal than the events we pull off for people. Immeasurably so.

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 This Kansa Wand –  your personal wellness partner!
is one super efficient tool to help to keep your skin radiant and beautiful, and it feels sooooo good. You don’t need botox – with this wand you can massage your face vibrant and glowing. It helps to release tension in your face.
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Kansa Wand- easy, effective and extremely relaxing

 Jojoba oil is magic oil for your skin. One of my favourites is this one

Improve your well-being (and longevity) with the and infusions of Organic Oat Straw, you can find them in natural shops or on Amazon.

The shortcut to wellbeing, joy and great health (for women) :

4. A wonderful book on self-mastery and the meaning of human existence.


Do you have an Instagram account and would like to rock it? To learn all from the basics to content strategy, visuals and editing and more – so you must have this incredible course Zero to Badass course that provides so much value for just $47 Instagram for business: Zero to Badass  

And branding is the thing – so you may want to check out this extraordinaire brilliant course on it: Badass Branding for Entrepreneurs



Everyone on earth, regardless of how good his or her childhood may have been, has experienced trauma to some degree; therefore, everyone experiences post-traumatic stress to some degree. Many people, who are simply struggling to try to feel good in their lives, cannot look back at their lives and pinpoint an exact event that caused their current pain.  It is hard for the average person to see that the root of the pain in their adult life is in fact past trauma.

The CompletionProcess however, allows you to see the root of your current pain and to resolve it. The Completion Process quite simply allows you to put yourself back together again – you may do it yourself with the help of the book or by working with completion process facilitator.


The most efficient a comprehensive self-love toolkit, this book by Teal Swan includes powerful exercises, insights, and perspective from a captivating new teacher in spirituality, and lets you pick and choose which techniques are right for you.



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