How to become (more) beautiful & alluring with this one super “remedy”

I’m sharing the beauty “remedy” I use to grow my own beauty. 
There are too many women (and men) feeling bad about themselves, making themselves smaller and holding themselves back.
Beauty isn’t about being shallow and isn’t unimportant.
On the contrary – the world needs your beauty to heal.
Psychologists confirms that being seen and appreciated for your beauty is a basic human need.
Our concerns about our beauty is a search for love.

All I want for Christmas is an orange (video)

This is a story about an orange.
No, it’s a story how you can get from being miserable & lonely to having jolly Christmas.
An orange isn’t just an orange.
It is proven that orange oil really helps people to cheer up.
Orange is the sacred fruit of Oshun, the Goddess of Love and Dance and rivers and beauty in the Yoruban tradition.
Enjoy the story / video and please let me know your thoughts.

How to survive gray, cold, dark Monday mornings. Even better: transform them into celebration.

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My daughter is begging for a free day from school.
The warm, soft bed is hard to leave.
I feel same way. Like a bear that wants the spend winter in the bed.
Because here in Denmark, November and December are dark darker darkest.
It’s easy to indulge in gloom.
What can I do to cope with the dark and cold? And a Monday?
I found a brilliant solution: I put on my hottest hat and red lipstick.
Instant transformation.
The gray Monday became a  celebration.
If you truly want to be happy during winter, or on Monday all you have to do is to change your mindset.
The hot hat and red lipstick will help.
They will boost your mood. And the mood of people you meet.
Smile. Give hugs.
Play uplifting music in the mornings.
Drink herb tea and hot chocolate.
It tastes absolute divine on winters and Mondays.


That’s it.
Small things, huge impact.

PS. The hat is made in Iceland, 100 % pure wool from some pretty happy sheep. No one has been hurt under the process.

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