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Celebrating Sun goddess and why I don’t like Christmas.












Back then in Latvia, we didn’t celebrate X-mas.


We did celebrate the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year.
Honoring the Sun goddess, who was reborn every December 22.
And mother/goddess Māra, who is the symbol of the world of matter – she encompasses all of the material existence.
We people of the Baltics were the last pagans of Europe, which in my experience was living in harmony with the repeating rhythms of Nature. 
Observing it, respecting and learning from/ about and using natural remedies to heal the body and improve well being.
And positive & optimistic attitude towards life.
Homes got decorated by our own creations from straw, dried flowers & fruits, feathers, colored yarn and fir branches & tree.
The ancient celebration holds many different traditions, but we spent it rather quietly – most probably because of the occupation by communists.
On the day we used to walk through the majestic forest coated in snow, to my grandma, who had prepared several traditional dishes like grey peas, roast pork, baked potatoes, Sauer kraut and pastries with bacon.
We got a pair of handcrafted wool socks and if very lucky an orange or two.
After Latvia got free from occupation people adapted the Christmas celebration.
I never liked, and I still don’t like it much.
It’s a consumers party.
However, I have celebrated because of children.
The real celebration for me still is the Solstice. 
Though I don’t make straw decorations or eat the traditional food.
I celebrate it by reflecting and holding a little releasing ceremony by candlelight and holding a vision/ wish for myself, my family/ friends and the planet.
Dwelling on love and sending blessings to every living being.
Happy Solstice!

What you have been through doesn’t make you ugly.



No experience, no ” mistake” (mistake is just a part of a learning curve), being different and not being a “standard” or “normal” make you not good enough.

I became self-conscious about my looks early.

Being shamed at school for having lice, for spots on my uniform, and dirty nails.


Freaking out of your emotions? Here is why, you shouldn’t.


F*ck you! F*ck you! F*ck you! F*ck you!……..

The rage had no more place in my body and it wasn’t in my power to stop it.
Like a volcanic eruption, my too long suppressed anger was spewing f-word from the depths of my soul.
Leaving everyone, inclusive myself, terror-stricken and shocked.
I had never shown anyone this side of me.


Feminine power – do women make the best business owners? Lovelda Smith tells.

What is it all about? 
All this feminist kind of talk – your wonder.  Show me the money, you say.
If women were to be the best why there are so few of them?
It’s my guess that these are the questions you got when you saw this headline.
I tell you: there isn’t smoke without a fire. 
This interview is all about it.
Lovelda Smith who is the founder of Collaboration Club and brilliant mentor (said my her mentorees) and helps others to be paid for their creative genius.
Business takes courage says Lovelda.
Enjoy – and don’t give up because of those rocky rhymes – it’s only for the first 3 minutes 🙂


If you want to learn more about Lovelda Smith visit her website 
We would love to hear your thoughts and takeaways 🙂

How to live & work effortlessly with Marina Pearson



How to go from depression, 2 suicide attempts, eating disorder, drugs and alcohol addiction to a joyful life and effortless entrepreneurship. 
And to become the No.1 best-selling author of the multi-award winning book Goodbye Mr Ex and make a living by supporting professional women and female entrepreneurs to transform all types of stress into effortless results and living through my coaching practice and live events.


And to become also an international speaker who has spoken at Ted X London, in Florida and Singapore to more than 400+ entrepreneurs.
And having a harmonious & loving relationship and family.
I was excited to learn all about effortless lifestyle and invited Marina Pearson, who is the creator of  Effortless Lifestyle and Your Pathway to Love for a conversation.
I wanted to know how she does it as I also wish to live and work effortlessly. 


(Your Pathway to Love is a 2 day program teaching you how to bridge the gap between life, love and the profitable business you desire – and the Early Bird offer is valid till the 18th of May 2016)


 We met over at Blab and Marina told about her way, struggles and how she discovered and how you can live effortlessly as well.
You can watch the conversation here – please skip over to first 9 minutes (we had to learn how to “dance” on Blab 🙂

Enjoy and let us know about your takeaways.
Lots of love,