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How to become (more) beautiful & alluring with this one super “remedy”

I’m sharing the beauty “remedy” I use to grow my own beauty. 
There are too many women (and men) feeling bad about themselves, making themselves smaller and holding themselves back.
Beauty isn’t about being shallow and isn’t unimportant.
On the contrary – the world needs your beauty to heal.
Psychologists confirms that being seen and appreciated for your beauty is a basic human need.
Our concerns about our beauty is a search for love.

All I want for Christmas is an orange (video)

This is a story about an orange.
No, it’s a story how you can get from being miserable & lonely to having jolly Christmas.
An orange isn’t just an orange.
It is proven that orange oil really helps people to cheer up.
Orange is the sacred fruit of Oshun, the Goddess of Love and Dance and rivers and beauty in the Yoruban tradition.
Enjoy the story / video and please let me know your thoughts.

How your femininity can change the world for better in no time. The wisdom of Lysistrata.

Do you know how your femininity can change the world ?
How you heard about the story of Lysistrata by Aristophanes?
Lysistrata is an extraordinary woman with a large sense of individual responsibility.
It’s a story about one woman’s (Lysistrata) extraordinary mission to end the Peloponnesian War by forcing the men to negotiate peace.
According to psychologist and expert in communication and relationships, Dr. Pat Allen, if we use Lysistrata’s tactic we can transform the world in peaceful & wonderful place in no time.
The other day I was watching the conversation between Emma Watson and Malala about human rights and education for everyone.
Which reminded of the extreme need for our feminine power in action.
Watch the video the and let’s change the world.

What are your thoughts?